The Kennedy Half Century Course

Coursera JFK class

Given by Professor Larry J. Sabato, PhD

Sabato Offers Free, College-Level Course on The Kennedy Half Century

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The study of the legacy of President Kennedy is far from dusty history. In fact, the lessons to be learned are not as much about Kennedy in his time as they are about the effects of John F. Kennedy on our time. Understanding the Kennedy legacy and being able to identify elements of his legacy within the context of modern politics helps understand many of the vexing problems that developed over the last half century as well as many of the challenges that confront us today.

November 22, 1963 was so powerful a moment that in the fifty years since the assassination, every U.S. President that followed JFK has used Kennedy’s words and actions in an effort to craft their own political image. Why does Kennedy’s influence persist, and will it continue? What are the effects?

We’ll address these questions and much more as we explore The Kennedy Half Century.

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