Reviews for The Kennedy Half Century

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"The Kennedy Half-Century is a Master Class in discovering and evaluating John F. Kennedy as a man, a President and a game-changing figure in American life. The cultural change Kennedy brought to the nation is the real and original contribution Larry J. Sabato brings to the never-ending debates about the 35th President"
Richard Reeves

"My initial reaction was, 'No, not another book about Kennedy and his death.' But in The Kennedy Half-Century, Larry Sabato not only sheds new light on the assassination, but, and more importantly, masterfully explains the enduring legacy of Kennedy and his 1000 days in office."
John Grisham

"Larry Sabato has compiled a mountain of research that is sure to be the go-to reference on the assassination for years to come. He seems to have examined any and everything connected to Kennedy’s death and brought new insight and understanding to that awful weekend when America lost its innocence."
Bob Schieffer

"If you think you know everything about the Kennedy assassination, you haven't read Larry Sabato's book. I urge you to do so!"
Julian Bond

"The Kennedy Half-Century is full of new insights and revelations about a President whose tragic death left so many wondering, ‘What if?’ This is a fascinating examination of the policies he put in place and how they influenced the nine Presidents who followed him into the Oval Office."
Katie Couric

"Provocative reading..."
Kirkus Reviews

"a brilliant analysis and historical revision..."